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sharing recipes, food knowledge, and a monthly "lunch and kvetch". Come have lunch with us!
This is a blog about making, eating, and sharing food and drink, food's place in our culture(s), food and the family kitchen, gross-outs in the kitchen, dealing with food allergies and phobias, hunger and food insecurity, food as spiritual nourishment. All that stuff. And more. Please feel free to share recipes, photos of your recipe creations, articles relating to food and food topics, and so on.

Once a month we will meet here for Lunch-N-Kvetch; it's Dorothy Parker's Algonquin Round Table, your grandma's mah jongg club, and a cookout in the back yard all in one.

Please use the following system to rate your recipes:

One Spoon: Terrible; won't make again.

Two Spoons: All right, but nothing special. Needs serious editing.

Three Spoons: Really good; would tweak a few things and it could be great.

Four Spoons: Stellar; hard to think of any way to improve this.

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As far as a commenting policy:

Please play nice. No baiting or bullying. Don't turn an entry about someone's mom's meatloaf recipe into your own personal political/social agenda.

Be good-natured. Be delightful. Have fun.

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