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Mexican food

Tonight the Hubz took me out for a much-needed respite of Mexican food and margaritas. The great thing about living in Texas is that there is Mexican food anyplace you go, and most of it is fantastic - the smaller and more Mom-and-Pop, the better.

The place we go in our small town has frozen margaritas for $3.50 each - they're strong and tasty. One is enough to make you tipsy.

The entree we are both addicted to is a fajitas platter that combines a carne asada steak atop carmelized onions next to two Monterrey Jack enchiladas. The enchiladas are served in the sizzling platter and by the time you eat them the bottoms are crusted in baked cheese. It's...amazing.

I'm also addicted to chips and salsa.

I won't say that Mexican food is my absolute favorite; I think Asian food is ultimately my favorite (most notably, Thai), but I do crave Mexican food often. Blame my Texan upbringing, perhaps. I've eaten a lot of Mexican food in a lot of states, but the stuff we can find in Texas is always the best (and not necessarily because it's Tex-Mex - this restaurant is more traditional).

Do you like Mexican food? If so, what's your standby (mine is enchiladas)?



Oct. 28th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
There's just no pleasing some people
Eh, not a fan, because it's too easy to "cheat" with Mexican food - tortillas not all that good? Meat a little dodgy, poorly seasoned? Vegies wilted? ADD CHEESE. It seems to be the superstitious action of many cooks at Mexican restaurants around here, even, mysteriously, when you're like the only gringos in the place.

Cheese can smother some bad ingredients, spicing and preparation, but it is not a fix-all. And I have had a certain number of meals where a dish was fine, but for some reason, cheese was added superfluously, as if the cook muttered a few incantations then added The Cheese, just in case.

The contrast is made even more perfideous in places where they are obviously making their own fresh cheese, for that real Mexican whatever. So you get a ladel of the good cheese on the appetizer nachoes, and then for some reason, grated crap cheese on the black beans. I end up eating Mexican food because the husband loves it, and I am on the verge of telling the waiter in one of these joints: Tell the cook the black beans are perfect the way they are, so stop putting Acme Brand white jack cheese shavings or whatever that is on them, because you are ruining them. It baffles me.

Also don't like margaritas or daquaries, and very few tequilas, so I'm hard to please in this kinda dining situation? Heck, I don't even get flan. I have tried, but all I can think is - for this amount of calories, I want something way better.
Oct. 28th, 2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
Re: There's just no pleasing some people
Well that's fair. I don't ever fault someone for not liking something. We all have our preferences. In fact, I get annoyed when someone says "HOW can you NOT LIKE so-and-so?????" Duh - I just don't. Mediterranean food comes to mind. I just don't like the flavors.

Mexican food is a tricky thing to talk about because it's vastly different depending on where you get it (and even here in Texas there are a LOT of differences depending on who's doing the cooking). What it sounds like to me that you dislike is typical Tex-Mex, which does tend to be drowning in cheese. I don't like cheesy saucy Mexican food either (I mean, I should rephrase that - I LOVE cheese, but I want to taste something other than cheese). The Monterrey Jack enchiladas at this place, for example, are combined with a pesto sauce on top that is to DIE for. And it's really good cheese. That's the only cheese on the plate, though.

And yeah, Mexican is hard to please the health-conscious, although there are definitely versions of it that add more rice and less lard (but I don't like those versions as much!) Not something to eat every day, but I think I could easily go to our little place down the road once a week if I was allowed.

(Not all margaritas are created equal, either. My husband I am normally do not like frozen margaritas, but we can't get enough of these cheapie ones. So. good. But I hear you - I dislike vodka, which cuts out half the mixed drinks out there for me.)