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Mexican food

Tonight the Hubz took me out for a much-needed respite of Mexican food and margaritas. The great thing about living in Texas is that there is Mexican food anyplace you go, and most of it is fantastic - the smaller and more Mom-and-Pop, the better.

The place we go in our small town has frozen margaritas for $3.50 each - they're strong and tasty. One is enough to make you tipsy.

The entree we are both addicted to is a fajitas platter that combines a carne asada steak atop carmelized onions next to two Monterrey Jack enchiladas. The enchiladas are served in the sizzling platter and by the time you eat them the bottoms are crusted in baked cheese. It's...amazing.

I'm also addicted to chips and salsa.

I won't say that Mexican food is my absolute favorite; I think Asian food is ultimately my favorite (most notably, Thai), but I do crave Mexican food often. Blame my Texan upbringing, perhaps. I've eaten a lot of Mexican food in a lot of states, but the stuff we can find in Texas is always the best (and not necessarily because it's Tex-Mex - this restaurant is more traditional).

Do you like Mexican food? If so, what's your standby (mine is enchiladas)?



Oct. 28th, 2010 02:33 pm (UTC)
I love Mexican food! We had lots of good, authentic Mexican in Atlanta - a big city luxury, I guess. And in California, I lived in a Mexican neighborhood and so was surrounded by awesome taco stands - I miss that very much. Here in Richmond there is absolutely no good Mexican food whatsoever. A sadness! So I am learning to cook i tmyself - but it isn't the same as going out to a place where they cook it for you and serve you delicious margaritas.

Anyway! My favorite things to get, when done properly, are: chile rellanos and carnitas. Got to have some great salsa verde, too. And of course, guacamole. I am addicted to guac and chips.

I also love burritos, but they have to be California style... more beans and rice and "fresh" stuff...

Now I am craving all of it!

Oct. 28th, 2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
Girl, I think you and I would be brilliant with a pitcher of margaritas.

There's taco stands everywhere here. I've never stopped at any because I always have the baby in the car, but I should.